Monday, November 23, 2009

Remi meet Ramp

Those who have been to our apartment will understand, we have a really tall bed--we're pretty tall ourselves so we didn't notice the height at first. That is until family/friends/general visitors, started to comment on our really tall get the point; our bed is exceptionally tall. It goes without saying that tall beds and small dogs don't necessarily mix well, but our furry friend has come accustomed to sleeping quite nicely at the foot despite the fear of a rather high vertical drop.

Therefore, we got him a ramp. I know I know...ridiculous, but after worrying about him launching himself off the bed and seeing this little guy attempt and fail to vault himself up the 4 feet and body slam into the side a few times...we took pity (OK, I took pity). I found this foam ramp and thought it might just be the perfect thing for our little guy. He was pretty confused by it at first...then he chewed on it...then he finally reached the top on his own (insert cowboy pose above).

Getting down required a little more work; his first attempt (above) was less than graceful; he hit the top part of the ramp and launched himself off the side. Apparently the rest of the ramp was not necessary.

Thus a little coaching from mom and dad was necessary...he was a little weary of going down the "right" way.

The only thing I can equate this to is a doggy "slip-n-slide"...head up, paws out front...belly down...stretched full out..
And he's off....

We need to work on the dismount--it's a little rough at this point (hence the well placed crash mat)....he seems to prefer a sideways roll once he reaches the bottom.

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