Saturday, June 12, 2010

Remington...Before & After

Remi has to go to the groomer every 4 to 6 weeks for a trim, otherwise he starts to look like a cross between a wookie and an ewok. Basically, he has this shaggy teddy bear thing going on, which is cute and sort of fitting for his personality, but it's quite a bit of fur and it gets to be a beast to brush out.

This is Remi post haircut; locally we go to a little shop in Alexandria. Remi seems to like his groomer (though, to be honest, Remi likes most everyone...his breeders Shawne & Traci...did a fantastic job raising him and getting him used to being groomed) but there is certainly a difference between this local shop and when we are able to get the little guy up to Maryland to see Shawne & Traci.

These gals do a top shelf job; they show dogs professionally and really know their stuff. It's a good hour and a half drive to get up to them to board Remi but they are the only folks outside of family and friends that we trust because they too are part of his family--they are his roots--we are his home.

This is just a Remington version of a fashion shot; his best command is not "stay". If you are around, he wants to be next to you so I was trying to take this on his level and he kept trying to come up to me to say hi; this was taken when I prepared lunch for him (mistake #1) and put his dish down but didn't give him a "go get it" command yet (when feeding him we put the bowl down then he has to sit and wait for the command before he can eat.)

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