Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Peregrine Espresso Latte Art

I have often touted my love for coffee, and Peregrine is my Mecca for a good cup of Joe in DC; I am pretty much here every day.

The owner, Ryan, has a plethora of knowledge (he's the really tall one in the shop if you go), and further the rest of the crew are truly fantastic; they make my mornings more enjoyable. Shoot, I want to work at Peregrine just so I can hang out more with these folks.

If you have time, I would recommend that you stay in the shop and enjoy your brew; I have enjoyed many mornings (weekends are great if you go early) lazily sipping my latte whilst reading a good book.

This is also the first place that I ever experienced true latte art--these barista's are amazing--Jeremy was the 2010 regional champ.
Peregrine is my Cheers; in all of the cities I have thus far inhabited (I think that I am up to 4 technically) I feel the need to have a spot where I get to know the people and the people know me, it makes me feel at home to be a regular.

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