Saturday, February 19, 2011

Local Treat Indulgences

Okay, so a few new indulgences of mine are as follows: croissants & macarons (the ones with one o...not the coconut kind.) These are not new items in the world, just somewhat new to me. I never really appreciated either growing up because I had never had good versions of either.

I have learned that the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe turns out pretty fantastic versions of both and I am all too happy to pop in for a latte and croissant and settle in with a good book; I cannot resist taking a macaroon or two to go. The salted caramel one is my favorite!

Another indulgence...cheese.....

In New Paltz, there is this delightful little cheese shop/chocolate shop called The Cheese Plate; located in Water Street Market, a fabulous area that I must explore more. I went on advise from a mentor and purchased a chunk of Gruyere and several truffles. Kat, the gal running the shop when I stopped by, is absolutely fabulous and very knowledgeable.

I ate all of these over the myself...Dan failed to give me chocolate for Valentine's Day and besides, he had his own chocolate!

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