Monday, April 23, 2012

Long see!

Sooo, I'm living in Napa Valley now, working at one of the best bakeries in the country...hence the no time to post, erg, I don't even cook much these days!  However, I'll be going back to New York in July, so you shall see more recipe testing during my month off!  From now until then I will attempt to post some of my travel photos (since my family is bugging me about doing so) along with a few of my favorite treats from the bakery.

My first week in Cali I went out to San Francisco to Tartine Bakery; I love their cookbooks so I was dying to see the shop.  I must say that the pain au chocolate was delicious, as well as the bread pudding, however, the lemon tart and the coconut cream tart...lacking, sorry guys, I still love you though.  

Second comment is that I was there a few weeks ago and saw one of the owners, Chad, in the window while waiting in line.  When I got to the front I asked the cashier if I could get him to sign my copy of Tartine Bread (since I am a CIA gal--his and his wife's alma mater); the cashier told me that Chad wasn't there.  Granted, he might have left from the time it took for me to reach the counter, but I was a bit bummed.  Well, I told myself then and there that if I ever have a shop of my own and an aspiring baker wants to meet me and get my John Hancock, I will be more than happy to meet them and encourage them in this tough industry. 

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