Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flat Stanley

Dan's sweet cousin Lauren sent us a flat Stanley to take around D.C. (If you haven't heard of flat Stanley the short explanation is that basically a student--typically kindergarten through 3rd grade--send a "flat Stanley" they have colored to visit you and you are supposed to send Stanley back and describe his adventures while he was visiting. It was started by a teacher in Canada who was trying to teach his kids about different areas--a fun pen pal type project).

Dan and I decided to take Stan to several iconic D.C. spots--we lost track of time and were not able to go to all the places we would have liked to have gone (we received Stanley the first week of November), but we were still able to hit the high notes. Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous here and so it worked out well.

We introduced Remi to Stan--he pretty much ignored him at first--looking at me like I was crazy for following him around with this piece of paper and the camera. Then he tried to play with Stanley....that didn't go so well.

Stanley lost a foot...and then somehow the half a limb that remained after the encounter was thrown away (cough cough Dan). However, our resident paper surgeon redeemed himself and was able to patch Stanley up quite nicely (see right leg on first picture).

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