Sunday, January 10, 2010

Remi's 1st Christmas

For Christmas this year we decided to drive home to Texas to visit both sides of the fam. We went to L town first where Dan's parents met us to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day (above is Remi on Christmas morning in his pjs). Along the 20 plus hour drive we discovered that Rembot is indeed a good road dog as he mostly curled up and slept in the car as we rolled along.

Remi became rather attached to his uncle Eric--I'm pretty sure the little guy misses having the extra attention and "dog friends" in the form of Buddy and Dillon. He did us proud and was very well behaved on the whole.

The weekend before we left for Tejas we had a blizzard with close to 2 feet of snow here in DC...Remi's first snow...he had a blast. Although, we quickly discovered that the little guy is an ice magnet...he romps around for 10 minutes and his leg fur had ice clods dangling and when we got him inside he was shivering, so we had to give him a warm bath to release all the ice.

Last but not least is our Christmas card photo this year--I always like the cards with the photos because it is fun to see how people have changed or where they have been over the year. We put Remington on the front because he's our newest addition, and I don't much like being in front of the camera so it worked out well.

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