Saturday, January 30, 2010

Max & Remi

Remi met his best friend for the first time a few weeks ago (I'm slow on posting here). Maxwell is MB's little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He doesn't look like your average cavalier, but that's part of what makes him great. He has a fun loving, goofy little personality--he should be a Muppet character.

MB and W have a cool park by their apartment downtown where we met up for our play date. It is a huge, open green space with lots of other nice dogs/owners. MB brought 2 tennis balls for the fuzzy guys (W called as she was trying to throw them.)

Remi didn't really get what was going on at first, so Max chased after the tennis balls and Remi chased after worked. We kept Remi on his leash because he hasn't grasped "come" yet, and so we weren't comfortable letting him run free.

In all it was a successful play date. We're hoping to have another soon at our place.

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