Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monument Cafe Honey Mustard Dressing

As most of my friends from college can attest; I had/have a slight obsession with the Monument Cafe in Georgetown, TX. I had my girl's brunch before my wedding there; I am serious about this place people! By senior year I was eating there for breakfast every day and often times we would go for lunch or dinner if my roomie Ang twisted my arm, which wasn't hard!

I always looked forward to going in and seeing familiar faces. The owner, is really a cordial guy and fun to chat with at the bar over a cup of coffee if you can catch him.

One of my favorite lunch items is the Monument Club sandwich; they serve it on a good whole wheat bread with tortilla chips and homemade salsa on the side (yum) but my friends and I always order it with a side of their honey mustard dressing. It may sound weird and maybe it is a southern thing (like ranch dressing with pizza) but it rocks.

From a few experimentations, below is my version of their masterpiece (Rusty, if you are reading this and happen to want to send me the real deal I wouldn't mind that one bit!!)

Patricia's version of Monument Cafe's Honey Mustard Dressing
--1/3 cup mayo
--1/3 cup sour cream
--juice from half of 1 lemon
--3 Tbsps dijon mustard
--1 Tbsps country dijon mustard (the kind with the seeds)
--1 Tbsp harvest course ground (it is new--I usually use 2 Tbsps of the country but saw this and gave it a whirl--this version will be great as a coating for a pork loin or ham!)
--4 Tbsps good quality honey (add more depending on personal taste preference--I like the bite from the mustard)

I also picked up this lemon tart from Bread Alone...I could not was pretty much perfect. The lemon filling was tart but smooth and the meringue was gorgeous; it makes me want to try and whip up a version of these or at least some lemon curd. We shall see.

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