Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mid-Hudson Snow Day

At the beginning of January we packed up our stuff in DC and headed to the Hudson Valley. I've been accepted into the Culinary Institute of America which I hope will give me the knowledge and skill to further my love of food. Thus, expect many more food related posts in the upcoming months!

We had our first big snow storm last Wednesday and my dad has been bugging me to post pictures. The majority of my photos from that day were of Dan and Remi thus this is what I have to include here. I know that Remi likely looks like a total dork in his jacket and "boots" but I think he looks smart and thus I will continue to subject him to the embarrassment of such!

This photo was taken of Remi retreating in shame after playing with another dog in our neighborhood who doesn't have to wear dorky clothes or even use a leash. He's giving me his best sullen teenager look here.

A close up of Remi's "boots" or Muttluks; it seems silly and a bit costly, but these things really work. Remi is a furry guy and when we have wet snow it tends to clump on and around his paws eventually making it painful for the little guy. These boots allow him to have more snow time fun.

It is hard to tell with my bad lighting here but Remi had to crawl through the snow because the banks outside our door were as big as him.

Walter covered in snow (picture taken prior to Dan digging him out and clearing him off); we're looking into getting a car cover for Wally to help protect him.

While Dan shoveled off our deck and shoveled out the cars I made French toast; okay, mostly I sat on the chaise with my coffee reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but French toast was made as well.

Remi was pooped after playing outside and thus crashed on the back of the couch; Dan was mimicking him and I was able to get this half decent shot before they busted me.

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