Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wrapped in a Winter Blanket

Soooo, Dad was NOT satisfied with my pictures of Remi in the snow; he wanted landscape shots. Thus, Remi and I took the camera along with us and took some shots around the area (in the snow mind dedication here...that's love Dad!)

The landscape is truly beautiful; I'm not really doing it justice with my shots. It is hard to capture the magic of beautiful snowflakes gently falling and coating the land with my amateur skills.

We had freezing rain yesterday and then nice powdery snow today. I learned that freezing rain in these parts really stinks where as the snow is not so bad. I almost ate it on our ice rink driveway yesterday. Remi loved it; I'm pretty sure he is aware that he is low enough to the ground to not be affected by ice. However, he is mischievous enough that he also discovered that he could easily dart to one side and watch me go careening toward a wall of snow, flailing with one arm as I tried not to fall on my rear.
The above view is from our deck and the ones prior are from the kitchen window. I was attempting to do the assigned task of taking photos without leaving the comfort of my pjs.

Then Remi needed to go outside and it was still snowing so we suited up and braved the elements with our trusty camera.

These next few are really random. We live on land that used to be a resort for New Yorkers; they had a dance hall and bar and several out buildings. At one point there was a fire that destroyed most of the property except for the main house, due to the tin roof. The current owner has really done a lot of work to make the place resemble it's early 1900's grandeur.

We have only been here a few weeks but we've really enjoyed it thus far. This weekend we'll be doing a few projects--mainly building some storage for our bedroom--the place is great but it is lacking in storage space. I'll post about our DIY experiments later!

The ice/snow combo on the trees is truly lovely. Every year we try and go to the White House to see the holiday themed decorations; they do a fabulous job. If you ever get the chance to go you should! Anyhow, one of my favorite design elements this year (beyond the gingerbread house...I love the gingerbread house every year) were these beautiful icy looking trees flanking the exterior of the blue room (where the seal of the President is above the to the Kennedy painting). The past few days I have experienced God's version; wow!

I love the wide porches around the house; they will be lovely in the Spring when folks can really take advantage of them and sit outside and enjoy their morning Joe. (We live with a house full of folks, which I think I failed to mention; it's a fun group. We have a communal garden and strawberry patch and potentially in the summer I have heard that we might be getting chicken coups...fresh eggs...yum!)

Above is the house from the driveway; it may not look like much but it is very charming in person. Below is a shot from down the street looking up at the house from the side.

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