Monday, September 20, 2010

Finished Blanket

I posted a few weeks back about my crochet classes that I took from Fibre Space in Alexandria. My wonderfully patient teacher Leslie works miracles and I can now manage to read patterns.

I finished my first blanket a few weeks ago but it ended up being t-tiny so I used that as a test blanket. I'm planning to send that one to mom to use that for the doll bed.

I thus started another blanket (shown above) and have sent it off to our friend Becky who just had a beautiful little girl (Anna) two weeks ago.

I was really happy with result; it is not only cute but super soft. (I think that being picky about fabric must be a family thing because I was working on another blanket on the drive up to the mountains and the first thing K did when I pulled it out was feel the fabric...she then nodded her approval....too funny!)

In my testing phase I tried to wash my mini blanket in the machine on the delicate cycle (the yarn says hand wash or dry clean only however usually you can get away with delicate cycle).

This instance, the machine was a disaster, it stretched it all out and became a fuzzy mess. I took the above to the "green" dry-cleaner (they use non-toxic environmentally friendly solution) and it came out perfect.

I'm thinking of taking a hat making class next, so get excited folks!

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  1. It turned out beautifully! I expect nothing less from Patricia, of course :).