Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Ever since living in the NE I look forward to Fall the most out of any season. It is sad really, by August I am itching for Fall weather, pumpkins and apples. The last few years we have gone to a pick-your-own apple orchard. This year I'm going apple picking with my office girls so Dan and I decided to take Remi to a pumpkin patch.

Hollin Farms is about 45 minutes outside of D.C. in Delaplane, VA. Once you get off the beaten path and turn into the farm (the shed pictured first is where you turn in); you follow the little pumpkin signs around what seems like an endless rocky road, but picturesque (see above).

When you finally arrive to the patch you are greeted by a sweet scene with a few carts of gourds, an apple stand and a hot dog stand (the farm is really known for their beef).

It had rained for the past week so we were a bit concerned that it would be super muddy (hence the wellies seen in below shots); however, the farm had lots of hay down and you hardly noticed any dampness because of it.

We chose Hollin Farms because they allow dogs on leashes to join in the family fun; we thought Remi would like to help pick our pumpkins! Also, it gives us a chance to socialize Remi more; our breeder recommended us to take him out in public and have him interact with different folks, kids etc. so we've tried to do that as much as we can.

The patch was really beautiful; it is set up on a hill with the mountains in the background. There was a cool breeze blowing through the field and since we went on a Sunday afternoon it wasn't crowded at all.

Remi had a blast; as soon as we reached the farm we rolled down our windows in the car and he was sniffing the air madly trying to decipher all of the new scents.

He even picked his own pumpkin! Okay, not really, this was totally staged (clearly :P), but we did take this pumpkin home.

Remi tried to eat the stem of my pumpkin (punk!) Then he proceeded to knock me on my bumper! Actually, he just jumped up to try and lick me and instead of trying to catch myself with my hand (lots of briers); I plopped on my rear...but...I didn't know that there was an incline there so I rolled all the way on my back. Dan, Mr. paparazzi at this point caught in all on camera and proceeded to laugh at me while I laid helplessly in the patch Remi standing on top of me...licking my face (naturally!)

We founds some beautiful deep orange saucer shaped pumpkins and Dan had the idea of stacking them up like a snowman--this lovely little tower is on our porch next to Remi's pumpkin!

We didn't get the memo that the farm does not provide carts, however, thankfully we were only wanting a few pumpkins. One family brought their modified little red wagon; next year--note to self--bring wagon!

I was milling around trying to find a good pie pumpkin before we checked out and Dan pssst me over to show me his find. There were little tiny pumpkins among the patch; being a girl and loving all things miniature I thought that this was just fantastic--need to bring a zip bag for gathering these next year (along with the wagon).

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