Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fishing for Schnauzers

What do you do when your schnauzer does not want to go outside to do his business because, dag nabit, it is cold and rainy out there?

You go fishing!

Step 1: Choose an appealing bait. In our case lambie doodle was the perfect

Step 2: lure your schnauzer in slowly as to not alert him to your ultimate goal.

Step 3: grab the unsuspecting fuzzy britches and march his happy bumper outside.

These events unfolded whilst I was clacking away on the computer. Remi was curled up on my lap and out of the corner of my eye I happen see lambie doodle dangling from Remi's leash; luckily I had my camera handy, but too bad the lighting was all wrong. You've gotta love Dan's clever ways; he certainly keeps me entertained!

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