Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long Island & Caps Hockey

On Saturday we decided to head to Long Island. Dan lured me in with "we should go explore Long Island"; I agreed, and then hesitantly responded with "what's the catch?"

The catch was that the Caps were in town playing the Islanders on Saturday!

Honestly, I can get into a live hockey game; they are exciting when you know the players. Mind you, we have not been to a game all year, so I'm a little rusty on who's who.

To his credit, Dan did a great job at making the trip fun for me. We left early in the afternoon, went to Bay Port and walked around, had an early dinner and then headed to the game.

As you can see from the two photos above, we stopped at a park to swing by the water...it was beautiful!

Dan did his homework before we set out, and he had a dinner spot all lined up for us. He took me to The Grey Horse Tavern. The food was simple, local and utterly delicious; Dan did well.

Our meal started off with above average rolls; I love me some bread. These were what seemed to me like a dinner roll thrown into a very hot oven, which resulted in an ultra crisp exterior, while keeping the soft fluffy interior. However, the butter was what really shined here for Dan.

We ordered fried pickles as a starter, because neither of us can resist a good fried pickle. These were three quarters of an inch thick coins (crisp like a McClure's) dipped in a tempura/beer type batter and lightly fried.

Overall, the pickles were tasty (a few were a bit heavy on batter I thought, bud Dan loved them); one thing we both agreed on was that the remoulade that was served alongside was fantastic. We wouldn't let the waiter take it away; we wanted to keep it to dip our fries in later!

Dan had a bacon burger with this very interesting bacon marmalade on it (I didn't get a good shot before it was scarfed...we were losing our daylight), with great super thin potato chips on the side.

I got the fish & chips, because when I'm going to a game (be it baseball, hockey, football, etc.), I crave burgers, chicken strips, hot dogs or anything fried really. This did not disappoint. The batter here was perfect; the fish reminded me of getting fish and chips by the sea in England. The "chips" were good but not the same as the thick cut babies I had in England.

We ended our meal with dark chocolate pudding; it was simple yet delicious (as evidence of Dan and I horking it down before being able to whip out the camera).

On our way out I saw this old truck parked out back; I think that they must use it for catering or something seeing the pits on the back. I love the look of an old truck, especially an old RED truck; I just had to take a few snap shots.

We booked it to the game (Dan likes to be super early to games in order to watch the guys warm-up and take in the atmosphere); we were both shocked by Nassau Arena. It reminded me of an old college arena or a TX high school football arena, not something for a pro team.

It was really weird being a fan for the visiting team; it was my first game going into enemy territory. Thankfully, the Caps ended up on top that night, and the overall experience was good. I want to go to the Hampton's next...too bad they don't have a hockey team!

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