Sunday, March 6, 2011

A F"r"oggy Kinda Day

I'm trying to be more thrifty with my baking/cooking projects and try not to let anything go to waste. I had some leftover cream in my fridge that I used to test a chewy caramel treat (it was a bust), but I knew that the cream was on its last leg, so I planned on making scones this morning.

It may seem silly, for I could easily throw a bit of cream in my coffee or something, but this isn't just any cream, it is Ronnybrook cream. This stuff has like 40% cream (which is insane compared to the 30-36% that most heavy cream contain.) Basically, if you put a whisk in this stuff it'll be whipped cream.

I've made these before so I knew that they were easy, besides, I had all of the ingredients in my pantry so it took all of 15 minutes to whip up. When I announced my scone intention, Dan requested a bacon scone instead (remember these that I put in my freezer last week).

So I just baked one current scone for myself, froze the other seven and took two bacon scones out for Dan. You can find the recipe I used for the sweet cream scones here.

Now I'll have scones for me and scones for Dan in my freezer ready for a quick (though indulgent) brunch. These take me back to England; smothered with a bit of jam and clotted cream and I feel like I'm in a Sussex pub enjoying afternoon tea.

Whilst prepping my scones I looked out the window to see a fog rolling into the valley.

Dan took Remi on a quick morning walk and then headed into the city to run errands. On his way out the door to the city he told me that I should really grab my camera and get a few shots of the fog because it is "pretty cool looking".

As directed, I grabbed my boots (it had been raining all night), my jacket and my trusty camera. I just took a quick stroll around the area and snapped a few shots; there is something romantic about fog.

Hopefully you guys have had a great Sunday and are looking forward to a good week to come. I have a few baking adventures up my sleeve, but I'm mostly thinking about/looking forward to the day of my patron saint coming up mid month!

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