Sunday, April 24, 2011


Dan and I went up to PA to Aunt B's for Easter for what has become our Easter tradition these past four years. We only have one little one in our family (above); miss O and Aunt Peggy hid 86 eggs for her in the back yard to find! Needless to say, miss O was beyond pumped to get these eggs.

One cool thing that Aunt Peggy does though is that she puts quarters in the eggs instead of candy (since miss O gets plenty of candy in her Easter basket). It's a great little nest egg for miss O's future.

The above pic was from three years ago when I helped out at the last Bush White House Easter Egg Roll :)

One great thing about living in the country is farm eggs. I had read about eggs from hens who get to truly roam free, how their yolks are a beautiful deep gold, but I had never actually seen one for myself. The owner of the restaurant where I intern told me that there are lots of folks around here with chickens and that you can usually inquire about them from a farm stand.

I was at the health food store in Rhinebeck (I went because my friend at Bread Alone said I should check them out) and it turns out that one of the guys who works at the store, his family raises hens and his little brother is now responsible for gathering the eggs and creating the labels (see photo above).

Anyhow, they are beautiful eggs; I almost brought a dozen for Aunt B because I am just in awe of them; now I want a hen, but until then I'll keep buying "rainbow eggs" instead :P

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