Sunday, April 10, 2011

Woodfire Grill, Atlanta=one of my best meals ever.

My friends and I met up for the weekend in Atlanta (I spent a few days with K and then met up with the gals on Friday; returned to K on Sunday).

We decided months ago that we would go to Woodfire Grill on Saturday night; Ana made reservations and in true AB fashion we had basically a private loft to ourselves (this gal makes things happen for those who don't know her!)

We started our evening off with cocktails, of course; they are (in order of photo) the farmer's daughter, sage against the machine and the botanical garden. They were all delicious, but it seemed that the botanical garden seemed to be the favorite. According to the menu it contained square one botanical vodka. pear liqueur.lavender syrup. lemon juice. rock candy syrup

As a table, we all decided to partake in the 5-course blind tasting menu. Basically, you let your waitress know if you have any food allergies or strong aversions and then they surprise you course by course. They also have wine pairings per course if you so desire.

We started with an amuse bouche, seen below; it was a marinated golden raisin atop an almond aioli with micro greens on top (if I remember correctly; I should have written everything down...erg!)

Ana & Jenifer held my cocktail for the toast (since I cannot toast and depress the shutter at the same time, sorry, I'm not that talented yet!)

Ana is a vegetarian and Ang is preggers so I'll basically be showing two dishes per course. The Omnivore's received a salmon tartar atop potato salad; the Veg course was microplaned radish with creme fraise, micro greens and chive.

Second omni course was a diver scallop with a tomato chutney; veg was a stuffed cabbage leaf with mustard sauce (Ana said that was probably her favorite dish of the night)

Intermission we had a cold potato soup; this was probably my least favorite of the night, however, I have never been a big fan of cold soups in general. It had a nice flavor but I could only really pick up sour cream in it unfortunately.

Third course; I'm mixing it up, keeping you on your toes! Veg course was spring pea risotto--YUM--I would love to have a big bowl of this for dinner sometime! Omni course was quail and pork belly over barley (how could you go wrong here!)

Fourth course: Veg was a roasted mushroom with frisse salad and pickled yellow tomato relish. Omni was bison with pickled onion.

Last course: dessert. As a point I have been trying to make sure and order dessert at good restaurants, because if it is worth its weight, they usually have a good pastry chef. I suppose that it is also a bit of comraderie; making sure that my peeps have good jobs!

Anyhow, veg dish was a strawberry sorbet over a semifredo with strawberry and pistachio coulis; Omni was what they called chocolate bread pudding with a coffee ice cream--very rich but delicious--good job Brittany(a CIA grad...naturally!) The bread she makes for the restaurant was also phenomenal; truly, K would approve, which is saying something because she's picky!

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