Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flip Burger in ATL

I am just getting around to posting some photos from my escapades in Atlanta. I've decided to start from the beginning of my trip and work my way through rather that jump around.

When I arrived Wednesday afternoon Kristen took me to a local burger joint, Flip Burger. This was a fantastic idea to me because I knew that it was Richard Blais' restaurant and Wednesday was the day that Top Chef All-Stars Finale aired.

The strip mall area that the restaurant is located in is apparently a popular spot because they offer valet. Kristen and I opted out of valet, but it took us a good 10 minutes of driving around before we were able to stalk a patron to their car and get their spot; thank you Mr. BMW man!

We started off with an order of fried pickles...naturally.

Anywhere I go that has fried pickles on the menu, Dan and I order them, yum. These were delicious, some of the best I have ever had. They served them with a buttermilk sirancha sauce and I loved the fresh dill on top, perfect touch.

For my main course I ordered "the local"...well done (I'll eat my steak medium but not my burger yet; it's taken me a while to not order a steak well done). The local is organic, grass-fed beef, tomme cheese, beef bacon, lettuce, yellow tomato, red onion, coca-cola ketchup, pickled peach and pecans. It was fantastic...I ate it all...every last bit.

Kristen had the turkey burger...but she wanted it plain Jane...bun, pattie, cheese. I am a sauce girl; I love sauces and toppings, but even plain, the turkey burger had fantastic flavor.

We also split an order of french fries (everything is a-la-carte) with our burgers and after eating all of this we were both too stuffed for dessert...shocking right! I want to go back and try the captain crunch shake. Also, I noticed today when I checked the menu (to make sure that I remembered all of the toppings correctly) that they added a foie gras shake to the menu. Anyone who watched the Top Chef finale will know why!

On our way out the hostess asked if we were planning on watching the finale; we said yes and then she handed us "Team Richard" stickers and a flier for a local watching party. We had plans for the evening but we recorded the finale of course.

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  1. Aren't I good sister and hostess! :) Just means you will have to come back so you can enjoy more fine Atlanta cuisine!