Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cafe Bonaparte, DC

Several friends had told me that Cafe Bonaparte was a tasty spot for breakfast, brunch, dinner, dessert, etc. so I decided to give it a whirl on my day off. Crepe's originate from Brittany, France, a large peninsula in the north west of France; from photos it looks like a divine place to go on vacation...I'm adding this to my list of places to go...along with a note to brush up on my French!
Back to the cafe; they are located off of Wisconsin in Georgetown, about four blocks from M (after you pass P street you are close...stop in and see Heidi at Poppy on P if they are open...cute custom jewelry shop). The atmosphere is quaint with a fitting European bistro feel and the staff were very friendly. Their menu boasts that they are known for their espresso drinks and their crepes, so I decided to stick within this realm.

I started with a French Vanilla Latte, which is a delightful combo of hazelnut and vanilla. I am often disappointed with coffee drinks at restaurants; living in DC with so many wonderful coffee joints (i.e. Peregrine Espresso, Baked and Wired) I have developed a discerning palate when it comes to joe; I would love to go to barista school in Seattle some day...we'll see! However, this was surprisingly delightful (though with whipped cream, hazelnut, vanilla, and espresso...there isn't much to dislike here for me!)

I ordered a savory Ham, Egg and Cheese Crepe; I was VERY tempted to order a sweet version and will certainly do so next time but this sounded yummy and simple, and indeed it was. I must admit that I am no crepe connoisseur (I have only had a handful in my lifetime) but for a budding crepe taster, this hit the spot and I would certainly go back to try something else from their menu.

Hopefully one Friday afternoon I will be able to grab some friends and head here for a little treat; I will report back with any new findings.

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