Friday, October 15, 2010

Remi's Halloween Spirit

As you can tell, Remi is not into clothing--he prefers to be in the fur alone. In fact, he has a true disdain for any sort of clothing be it a jacket, hat, etc. (please recall the elf hat from last Christmas!) However, I still dress him up--he just looks so darn cute I cannot help myself.

Dan and I have the perfect Halloween costume idea for Remi, but unfortunately the little elf seamstress of the household (i.e. moi) does not have time to execute the idea this year...stay tuned for next year.

Thus, this year we go with plan B; we are thinking maybe a pumpkin...every "kid" has to be a pumpkin their first Halloween right?!!?!?

However, when stopping in OTSFD for a new Ed, a canvas toy that Remi loves but it soon becomes a cesspool of yuk and must be replaced, I could not pass up this cute t-shirt (the ghosts glow in the dark!) I also picked up a fleece ball in purple, orange and black for Halloween; it has been a big hit thus far, and Remi hasn't destroyed it; I'll post pics eventually.

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