Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Cards

As previously stated, I love Fall! At the end of the month the ladies in my office and I have planned an apple picking outing (a necessary endeavor around these parts); originally I was going to make an invitation because I am old fashioned and I love to receive mail. I came up with a red and orange design plan and made a mock invite.

However, I realized that I had already seen/spoken with all of the ladies we would invite through various social occasions so an invitation was really just a formality. Thus, I decided to send my little creations to a select group of friends and family instead.

I used all Paper Source products (naturally--I love that place!); red 5 3/4 inch square envelopes, their apple stamp with white chalk ink stamp pad (seen in first photo).

They have great fall pumpkin and vine flat paper on clearance (basically pumpkins and vines printed on paper bag colored paper, and you cannot beat it at 1/2 off!!); I used their square envelope liner template to create the cute liner seen above to tie in my fall red and persimmon color palate.

For the card itself I just free handed an apple shape on red cover weight paper (to create a template--I traced my shape to make copies on red text weight to use for the cards). I used a glue stick to attach the red apple to a square persimmon card and just free handed a stem in chocolate text and the leaf in chartreuse text to attach for more interest

I used a brown Faber-Castell artist pen M tip #175 and wrote the person's name on the leaf and used the apple shape to write text. I think that they turned out really well and I hope that my family and friends enjoy receiving them!

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